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Raise HUGE amounts of money with one of our simple donation-based fundraising programs for your group, team or school!

No Selling Products!

Instead of selling products, your students will earn money for your school while improving their talents or reading skills!

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Friends and family from around the globe can donate to your great cause with custom student pages and more ways to pay than anyone else in the industry!

Everyone wins

Principals, teachers, coaches, leaders, and parents are happy again! A simple two-week fundraiser has never been so easy or rewarding!

Our Programs

Our programs are designed to MAXIMIZE the profit potential for your group using our POWERFUL online tools and our staff’s combined 40 years in the donation and event fundraising business.

Reading Rally logo

Our unique take on a classic
 “Read-a-thon” themed fundraiser.

Students are given reading challenges while they also get donations. This program is very popular with elementary and intermediate schools and is super easy!  Watch the explainer video to learn more!

Reading Rally Challenge

 Students will have fun and exciting challenges to view each day of our fundraiser!


Raise money quickly and easily with our “Share-Raiser”

Create websites for all of your players/members and watch the money roll in! Great for any club, group, sports team, or non-profit organization

How it Works 



Our Team will set up each fundraising campaign for you, providing custom printed materials, your own website and a donation page for each participant.



We’ve made it easy to spread the word to family and friends across the country via email, text messages, social platforms, and in-person QR codes.



Raise more by leveraging web and mobile donations to supercharge your current cash / check efforts.  Our digital wallet features allow ApplePay, Google Pay, and more!



Choose an expertly managed event or amazing prize program to add to any fundraiser!



Track & Share progress to make fundraising fun and competitive.



No need to wait… We’ll send you a check or electronic payment within one week of when your first fundraiser ends.

Lets do somethiong GREAT!

One of our fundraising experts will walk you through how it would look for your fundraiser.

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Over 32 years of experience helping groups raise money and reach their fundraising goals.

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