Navigating a Successful Classic Cookie Fundraiser!


We focus on making your school the most money while creating as little work for you as possible!


Variety of choices - Not everyone can have sweets, so we offer something for everyone in our catalog. You will earn 40% on all items sold in the catalog & online, as long as you sell at least 300 units. 

Fundshoppe - We offer a website with over 500 items to choose from. These items can be sent to the supporter’s home or the local supporters can choose to have them sent to the school for free delivery. 

Collating and organizing - We print your customized parent & teacher letters AND collate the packets. We organize the packets by classroom and give to teachers at the kick off.

Live Kick off – With local schools, we will do a Live Kick off. The kick off is our favorite! It is fun, exciting and motivational and will increase your sales by 25-50%.  For our long distant schools, we have a great kick-off video that can be shown to the students on ITV or Smart Boards.

Delicious Cookie Dough – We will provide local schools with sample Classic Cookie Dough to bake and pass out in the car line at the start of your sale, if you choose. Parents love to taste test the product!

Reporting - We pick up the order forms and we tally and computerize all order forms. You will receive a full detailed report a week before the delivery. We will email you regularly throughout the entire process.

Delivery - No more dreaded delivery days! You set your delivery date before the fundraiser begins. We include the delivery date on the parent letter and pick-up reminders. A representative of our company is there on delivery day.  Delivery day is a breeze! All items are pre-packed by student and delivered on a refrigerated truck. We unload and sort the orders alphabetically. We stay to help hand them out until you are comfortable with the flow of things on large local sales. If you feel you will need one of us until the very end, just let us know!

Teacher Incentive - I offer a teacher incentive at no additional cost to you. If 10 students participate from the classroom, the teacher will receive a $20 magazine voucher, if 20 participate, a box of cookie dough!

Promotional Materials – We help you promote your fundraiser with yard signs, banners, posters, email blasts, text blasts, reminder letters, and a commercial for the morning news.

Helpful Emails – Stay on task with emails that guide you through the entire fundraising process.

Motivational Prizes - We offer a prize envelope AND collectibles. These prizes are included. We also include several bonus prizes to better increase participation, depending on the size of the school.

Our goal is for your biggest job to be counting the money!

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Looking to only do Classic Cookie Dough?


Palmetto Collection

The Palmetto Collection offers 13 great Classic Cookie Dough selections that are sure to please your customers.

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Looking for an addition to your "Palmetto Collection"?

Cheesecakes and Southern Pudding Cakes


Pair these delicious Cheesecakes and Southern Pudding Cakes with our Palmetto Collection Classic Cookie brochure for a winning combination!  Scroll down to flip through the brochure.

Gourmet Popcorn


Gourmet Popcorn is another great addition to your fundraiser.  You may pair it with the Palmetto Collection or one of our other brochures seen in this section.  All items are $16.00.  Scroll down to flip through the brochure.  

Tritan Tumblers


Tritan Tumblers are always a great selection for the fall during football season.  This brochure offers all of your favorite football team tumblers, as well as some other great cups.  The perfect solution for keeping your drinks very cold or nice and hot!  Scroll down to flip through the brochure.

Classic Minis


These delicious little bite sized cookies are baked and ready to eat!  Perfect for groups who would rather not have a frozen product.  Scroll down to flip through the brochure.

The Reserve


The Reserve offers cookies, desserts, gifts, kitchen items and wrapping paper.  There are no frozen items in this brochure.  Scroll down to flip through the brochure.

Great Shark Themed Prize Program


A couple of shark weeks will turn into big money for your group with this fun and exciting prize program!  Scroll down to see one of our prize brochures.  Below the Elementary Shark Prize Program, you will see our Middle School Prize Program.