Charleston Wrap will help you be a hero and increase your profits by 30%.

Charleston Wrap Fundraising


Raise More!

Schools and groups that switch to Charleston Wrap from other school fundraising companies generally see a 30% increase in their annual fundraiser.  Why? Simply put, people like our quality products and our easy promotion tools.  Ultimately, the more they buy, the more you put in the bank. 

Better Value!

It’s no secret that with Charleston Wrap's better quality products priced right, whether they are from the Merry Gift Wrap Guide or the Kitchen and Home Catalog, supporters won’t feel the “gotcha” of having paid top dollar for bottom of the barrel.  Why is this important? Since you won’t burn your fundraising supporters with poor quality, over priced products this year, they’ll be willing participants next year.   

School Experience

As industry leaders among school fundraising companies for over 25 years, we’ve helped 1000s of schools raise millions of dollars.  We understand the unique challenges that school leaders, PTO/PTA sponsors, and parent groups face. And we’ve developed an exclusive process and set of tools to help your fundraiser succeed. 

School Focused Tools

From our ability to deliver school orders to the classroom, to our industry leading prize and incentive programs, Charleston Wrap is focused on the unique needs of large, school-wide annual fundraisers for preschools and elementary schools. 

Charleston Wrapping Paper...The Very Best!

Every students gets two brochures!

When your school does a Charleston Wrap fundraiser, every students receives both the Kitchen and Home brochure and The Merry Gift Wrap Guide.  With so many choices, your friends and relatives will be able to find many items they can buy to support your school.  This is one of the reasons Charleston Wrap sales see an increase of 30% over other fundraising programs.  

Click below to thumb through both brochures.  You will see the Kitchen and Home brochure first and The Merry Gift Wrap Guide second.  If you would like to start with the wrapping paper, it begins on page 45:)  Observe the prices and make a list of the items you would like to purchase and compare it to any other fundraisers you are considering.  You will see very quickly why Charleston Wrap is so successful:)


See both brochures, notice pricing... so affordable!

Recipe for Success!

Teacher Incentives


Teachers are an integral part of your fundraiser’s success. Get teachers on board with special Charleston Wrap rewards for classroom participation. 

Prize Program


  • Prizes are a great way to motivate students and boost fundraising participation. Charleston Wrap's FREE, cumulative/pick-a-prize combo program is the perfect way to engage your participants at no extra cost. 

Daily Incentives


  • Keep the momentum going during your fundraiser by rewarding students daily. Daily incentives are proven to boost participation 25%. 

Internet Prizes


  • Reward students instantly for sharing your fundraising information with friends and family via our email template feature. 

Great Promotional Tools


  • With Charleston Wrap's printed catalogs, online shopping, Facebook, and email-a-friend promotional tools, your fundraising supporters will have an easy way to share our high quality products, easily boosting your participation and net revenue.  Online reporting makes tracking your progress a breeze. 

Your Fundraising Coach


  • You’re not alone! Charleston Wrap has been helping schools for over 30 years; this is not our first rodeo!  We are on-hand, every step of the way, to coach you through to another successful fundraiser.  

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