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Your Frozen Cookie Dough Connection

Classic Cookie is delicious!

Frozen Classic Cookie Dough, Cheese Cakes, Pretzels, Candles, Magazines, and Kitchen and Home items are offered in this beautiful brochure. View some of the great pages from this fundraising brochure below! All orders are pre-packed by student and a cumulative prize program is included.   

Your Classic Cookie fundraising cookie dough will come on a pre-arranged date and will be pre-packed by student.  The prizes will be with the product, adding to a smooth delivery at your school.  Another one of TNT Fundriaisng, LLC's great school fundraising ideas!  For more information on our services, visit our Classic Cookie Dedicated Page by clicking on the red button to the right.

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"Family Time Favorites" offers great food selections!


Everyone loves edibles...

Family Time Favorites is a great brochure for both small and large groups offering delicious candies, gourmet popcorn, dessert mixes, cookies and more!

40% Profit!

See the entire brochure by clicking on the cover below.

Is this brochure for you?

Since this is a brochure offering non-frozen items, it is great for groups such as bands, choruses, cheerleaders, clubs and any other organization who would like to take advantage of the fact that people love edibles but may not meet frozen food minimums.

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"From Our House to Yours"...the Perfect Shopper Brochure!

Looking for a fabulous brochure with a little bit of everything?

From Our House to Yours is a powerful shopper with an adorable cover!  Everything from gift wrap and accessories, kitchen and home decor, candies, candles and much more are featured in this delightful brochure.

Your profit will begin at 40%.  Schools who exceed $20,000 in sales will see an increase in profit percentage.

Groups that can benefit from this great fundraiser will include elementary and middle schools, as well as bands, choruses, cheerleaders, and special clubs and organizations. 


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"I Can Explain" Everything is $10.00


Do you feel a brochure with all items at the same price point is for you?

"I Can Explain" is a wonderful shopper offering gifts, candy, wrapping paper, jewelry, kitchen and home items and so much more...all for the affordable price of $10.00 each!

What types of groups could have a successful fundraiser with this brochure?

This brochure would be great for Title 1 Elementary Schools and other organizations that are located in areas that could benefit from gifts that are at $10.00. 

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Charleston Wrap, one of the best school fundraising ideas!

I-mark Drink-ware


Profit: 40%

Great, high quality drink-ware, one of our perfect school fundraising ideas for schools, cheerleaders and sports teams.  E-mail us for a custom design for your school.   

Custom Prize Opportunity!

Students who sell 20 items in their I-mark fundraising program will receive their choice of an item from their custom brochure with their school name and mascot (up to a $20.00 value).

Yankee Candle with special scented brochures!


Profit 35% - 40%

 Yankee Candle is America's best loved candle and is an awesome fundraising experience for any type of group, large or small.  Yankee also has a web presence that contributes to more sales for your group.  We even have an app that can be downloaded onto your phone to make it easier to send a text to all of your friends and family regarding your fundrasier! Another one of TNT Fundraising, LLC's great school fundraising ideas!

Fall Early Bird Signing Bonus

Give us a call to discover the fall fundraising signing bonus you qualify for, considering the size of your group!  1-800-366-4161.

Great Prize Program for School Age Participants!

We provide a fun and exciting cumulative prize program that not only pleases young students, but will also appeal to teens for your Classic Cookie fundraising success!

Great Services

When your candle fundraising products arrive at the school, they are pre-packed by student with their prizes included. 

Sunriver Beef Jerky


Profit 40%

Beef Jerky is a simple fundraising program with one item on the brochure which offers three great flavors of these delicious and healthy treats! 

Great Fundraiser for Athletic Teams, FFA, NJROTC and Leagues

Give us a call to get this great fundraising program started for your group!  1-800-366-4161



The pillow that smells wonderful!

Are you looking for something new and different?  Smillows may be just what you need!  These pillows smell delicious, are $20.00 and offer a 40% profit.   Let us know if you would like to get a sale started!  They are a real kid pleaser!

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Home & Beauty offers Jewelry, Home Decor, & Beauty Aids

A great brochure for Cheerleaders and other organizations!

This is a great stand alone brochure or could be tagged with Beef Jerky or Gourmet Popcorn!

You will receive 40% profit on this great fundraiser!

Interested in Gourmet Popcorn? See Below!