June 15, 2023

What to Look for when Planning a School Holiday Gift Shop for Your Elementary Schools

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School Holiday Gift Shops are by far one of the most loved school events at the elementary school level.  The students are able to shop in a non-commercial, safe environment for their families during the holidays.  Many schools run their school holiday shop as a service to the children and some schools use their shop as a PTA Fundraiser, PTO Fundraiser, Safety Patrol Fundraiser or Media Center Fundraiser.

TNT Fundraising offers two options for you in school holiday shops.  Each of these shops offers unique promotional materials.  Elf Shelf Gift Shop has a fun elf motif with the color flyers that are sent home to the students and the posters put up in the school.  If you love Elves and their antics, this is a great choice for your school!  Kids’ Korner Gift Shoppe is another great choice as it has a beautiful snowman family gracing the covers of the color flyers that are sent home with the students.

When you have made a decision to offer this fun school event there are many things to look for during your planning.  Some schools shop all year at sales and store the products in closets until it is time for the shop.  If you are going this route, you will need someone who has many hours to spend on the shop before, during and after the event.  You will also need to plan for designing your own advertisements, providing wrapping for the gifts, wrapping the gifts during the sale, providing envelopes for the student’s money, cash registers, etc. and so forth.  This is a labor intensive choice.

Our goal with Elf Shelf Gift Shop and Kids’ Korner Gift Shoppes is to take care of these chores for you!  The benefits of using a company to supply your holiday gift shop are MANY!  I will tell you about the great and numerous supplies we provide to help you sponsor a holiday shop with ease.

  1. You will need a Step by Step Guide to walk you through your Holiday Gift Shop; we provide this!
  2. You will need attractive, full-color “Watch For” flyers that should be sent in November a few weeks before your shop begins. We provide these!
  3. You will need attractive, full-color “Has Arrived” flyers that will be sent home with the students the weekend before your shop begins. We provide these!
  4. You will need an attractive Gift Guide Envelope for each student that enables the parent to help the student budget their money. We provide these!
  5. Tablecloths are a must! We provide these!
  6. You will need a way to send the gifts home with the students. We provide beautiful  Metallic Gift Bags that make life so much easier that wrapping every gift purchased by a student.  We include what we call T-shirt bags that will hold all of the student’s goodies and allow them to get the gifts home safe and sound.
  7. You will also need a Cash Register or Cash App to add up the purchases and calculate change. We have both!
  8. During the sale, you may need additional product; we ship or deliver this overnight saving you a frantic trip to the store.
  9. What about the left over product? We take everything that does not sell back and we pay all shipping.  This will beat storing a large amount of product in closets until the following year.  You will be so happy when you ship everything back, knowing you have just made hundreds of students happy as you treat yourself to a bubble bath and smile over the happy faces you have seen all week!

When planning your School Holiday Shop, you will need a secure room that can be locked every night, as well as 3-6 volunteers each day to help with the shop.  We can provide a Complimentary Board Presentation Kit with samples of our products if you are considering a School Holiday Shop.  Call or text Angie at 850-232-5837 for more information on our School Holiday Gift Shops.

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June 15, 2023


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