April 3, 2023

What Fundraiser is Right For My School?

TNT Fundraising

Are you a cheerleading coach, band director, PTA or PTO President? Are you the principal or bookkeeper at an elementary school looking for the perfect fundraiser for your group? When you offer your time and efforts to a group that is near and dear to your heart, you will soon find that money will control the types of programs, quality of uniforms, locations of camps, and materials and supplies that you will be able to provide those who are looking to you for answers! Everyone is counting on you! Because of this, you will need the very best fundraising ideas in your court.

School fundraising ideas and schoolwide fundraisers are very important to principals, PTAs and PTOs. These fundraisers can be events that are held at the school, such as a movie night or a bake sale, but many times you need to raise thousands of dollars in one major fundraising event. At TNT Fundraising, we provide two of the most successful schoolwide fundraisers available. Charleston Wrap offers a beautiful catalog that can be taken home to the parents by the students. These catalogs have a wide variety of items that appeal to moms and dads, including wrapping paper (amazing quality and designs), kitchen and home items, beautiful candles, personalized items and many other gift options. This program may be carried out with students taking orders both in-hand and online. We have found that over 90% of orders are now placed online providing for very little counting of money from the bookkeeper and limited delivery to the school as orders may be shipped directly to your support’s home. If you are looking for many thousands of dollars to put in your bank account, this is a great option! For more information, just click on the button below to learn more.

The second major fundraiser that has proven to raise huge amounts of money for schools and groups is Cookie Dough. Cookie Dough has been a favorite in the fundraising industry for over 20 years and has helped schools raise money for computer labs, playgrounds, field trips, uniforms, camp, and the list goes on and on! We have partnered with Classic Cookie Dough for several reasons:

*We feel it is the absolute best tasting cookie dough in the fundraising market.

*The cookie dough arrives at the school separated by student for a smooth delivery to the student’s parents.

*We have a great prize program that motivates the students to motivate their parents to sell to friends, relatives and co-workers, because let’s face it; the parents are the ones supporting the school fundraisers and making fundraisers a success!

Both Charleston Wrap and Classic Cookie are used by cheerleading groups, bands, choruses, NJROTC, churches, dance troupes and other groups looking to raise large amounts of money. Many schools will sell Charleston in the fall and Classic Cookie in the spring or vice-versa. Success will be partnered with your name when you choose one of these great programs with TNT Fundraising!

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April 3, 2023


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